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Name:The Brutal General // Rain Silves
Birthdate:Jan 1

The Brutal General

Name: Rain Silves
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Clan: Shigu
Rank: Ruler of Vilous
Species: Northern sergal
Height: ~7ft.
Weight: ~250 lbs
World: Vilous

Brief Bio:
Rain grew up in the north Tatola plains in the Clan Shigu and the Tribe Silves. When Rain was a little girl she was the target of much abuse from her mother and many others because of her golden eyes, saying her eyes were bad omen, bad luck or a curse, eyes of death. A bit ironic, as she grew up to become the most feared fighter in the land. She was raised by a man named Zyn Crotzwell, who adopted her and stayed by her side for many years. When she was in her mid-to-late 20’s she became the head of the Shigu Clan and started her first campaign, to conquer the entire Tatola area. Following to this she waged war against the southern Reono Clan, with the help of her companions Lucien Calcatto and Zyn Crotzwell. Eventually she was successful, and went on to conquer the rest of the Sailzane Desert as well. She was unequaled in combat, a brilliant fighter and tactician, but for most other issues she was a bit handicapped, cruelty and war were all she was suited for. She was well known for her broad use of fear tactics and torture, including peeling the skin off children in front of their parents with her bare hands, cannibalism of fallen foes, and other nefarious deeds.

Nude (NSFW) // Armored // Sergals

Interests (17):

battle, blood, derp, eating babies, eating enemies, eating you, lucien, my empire, not yun, om nom nom, rape pillage plunder, rawr, red chapter, sergals, vilous, war, worst dictator ever
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